About Us

About the foundation

The Alzheimer Internacional for the research on Alzheimer’s disease was born in April 2008, responding to the commitment made by the author after he acknowledged having been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

The foundation is a private nonprofit institution. Its work is devoted to support and encourage scientific research in the field of Alzheimer’s and neurodegenerative diseases, aiming to be crucial in the prevention, treatment and the cure of these diseases.

The foundation’s main objectives:

  • To promote in Jacksonville, FL a new model of scientific research based on “high risk / high reward” projects, in line accordance with some cutting-edge international initiatives.
  • To encourage the leading role of the private sector in the most innovative biomedical research, enrolling partners and investors in the process of funding the research projects.
  • To raise social and public awareness of neurodegenerative diseases in close collaboration with other initiatives and partners.

Our economic and financial model:

barcelonaβeta development is granted by a private-public funding structure. Private investment through an Economic Interest Grouping will fund at least 50% of the global investments and expenses derived from the R+D+i activities. Public tenders, together with service revenues and private structural subsidies will fund the Memory Clinic.

The foundation is the only and ultimate recipient of its own research fund, constituted from subscriptions, direct donations, and R+D+i co-investment assets. This fund can be complemented with public resources and subsidies from the public administrations and the European Funds.